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has joined with to help women once enslaved to sex trafficking to living free and victoriously. We are honored to be the THE OFFICIAL DROP OFF FOR BC


Free the Girls help women who were once enslaved into human trafficking around the world by providing them with gently used bras to sell

Bras can be sold throughout various countries and can provide a steady income, education opportunities as well as other benefits for women.

Stop hoarding your bras and do something positive for others. Visit us and donate your bras at Naughty Girl Essentials Lingerie and you will help give a woman the life she deserves!

Discover how something simple as a bra is being made extraordinary. What if you could help bring freedom to survivors of sex-trafficking with something surprisingly simple,

Would you do it?

A Bra is More than Just a Bra

When you donate four bras you are providing a living wage for a woman in our El Salvador program. When your company, church, or group of friends donate 200 bras, that’s half a month’s inventory for a woman in Mozambique.

Bras and the second-hand clothing market provide a safe and powerful economic opportunity for women in the developing countries we serve.

Why Bras?

SAFE ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY:  Survivors can earn a safe income selling bras in the second-hand marketplace. We journey with them on the path to restore who they were designed to be – whole, worthy, and powerfully FREE.

By receiving a starting inventory from Free The Girls, the women are able to begin their business and become an entrepreneur in their own communities.  This income allows them a safe economic opportunity, and for many of the women, provides not only for themselves, but their children as well!

Maybe you have one or a few bras in your drawer that you don’t wear? We accept new and gently used bras in good condition.

Prefer to invest your dollars directly  click here to donate  opens to a new page – to Free The Girls Donation page! 

To donate bras in your area check our map to see the drop-off location near you!

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