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11 Essential Reasons to Shop With Us!

Hello readers and a very heartfelt, Hey You, how are you doing???!!!!

The thing is, no one wants to be sold to when they walk into a store. They want to be welcomed.

That is why first and foremost, before anything, we are beyond grateful for those who choose to support Naughty Girl Essentials Lingerie. Whether you are following us on Facebook or Instagram, shopping with us, or hosting an online lingerie party we thank you.

That is why, today, we are sharing 11 essential reasons why we feel you should shop with us … (and the impact of your support).


1| You are supporting a small business

You are not paying a CEO’s wage; you are helping other locals pay their bills, buy food, and enable them to further their careers, goals and dreams.

2| You are supporting our local economy

Supporting our local economy allows for job growth, development, and innovation. Think about this – when you pay sales tax on our items, the money goes back to the community, repairing our roads, supporting our schools, police, and other services.

4| You are giving back to the community

We currently have three organizations that we support. Locally, we donate items to Mama’s for Mama’s and internationally we support & Greenfinity


5| You are getting some of the cutest & fashion forward products

Every item we carry is carefully selected to ensure they meet our standards as well as your standards.

If they are not cute, sexy, comfy, and practical, they just will not do.

6| We are a one-stop shop

Shop for you and your inner naughty girl all at one place. Plus, we carry accessories – bracelets, boob tape, stockings, and nipple pasties! And do not forget about our gift certificates, which are available in many different increments.

7| You will not break the bank

We keep our products affordable so if you have a tight budget or want to purchase one of everything, we can accommodate you!

8| You can shop in the comfort of your living room (or a girlfriend’s)

The beauty of an online lingerie party is we bring the lingerie store to you!



9| We have a Cashback & Shopping Point Program where You can earn Lingerie for FREE       

Who does not love free stuff?!

Our loyalty program serves as an impetus for your next shopping spree.


10| Our products are unique

You likely will not find our brands in stores or on many other ladies’ bodies. We only order a small amount of each style to keep our product line fresh.

11| We support small business too

The accessories we sell come from small businesses, so when you purchase them from us, you are helping those businesses grow as well!

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