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Why do Your Balls Need an Intimate Wash?

In the past, men’s intimate hygiene was often underrated and rarely discussed.

Fortunately this has changed with the introduction of intimate hygiene washes for men.

Both male and female bodies need attention and care. Just because the male ‘package’ is not out in the open, this does not mean cleanliness should be ignored.

These parts can benefit from proper nurturing from time to time. That’s when an intimate hygiene wash for men comes in handy.


Getting Under the Skin of Your Private Parts

The outermost surface of the human body, the skin, is most sensitive and delicate in the private parts.

Men might think they are invincible but this area can benefit from the latest products from Ballsy.

If you are an active guy, you are going to be susceptible to irritation, rashes and other issues.

Let us not forget that the testicles, scrotum and the penis need to be cared for using natural and organic ingredients that are free from sulphates, parabens and – of course – no testing on animals.

Masculine intimate hygiene products for men sourced from safe, natural, organic ingredients.



Oh! The smell

You do not want smelly balls to become the dealbreaker. That would be such a turnoff!

Tight briefs or wearing a cup means more protection, but it also means more sweat.

This will undoubtedly be bad for your body odour.

Upgrade your balls’ game with quality, long-lasting products formulated to keep you fresh comfortable and confident.



No B#llsh!t Ingredients

Taking great care of yourself doesn’t have to feel like a chore and shouldn’t be reserved for GQ models.

At Naughty Girl Essentials Boutique, we carry the Ballsy product line – body wash, body spray, and Nut Rub solid cologne.

Ballwash features activated charcoal and other natural ingredients selected for their unique properties making it the perfect wash for balls and body.

Ballguard Liquid Powder applies soothing cream and dries quickly to help fight sweat, smell and chafing.

Not sure about your regime? We can provide tailored recommendations – either in the store – or Take the Quiz!




Visit the Naughty Girl Essentials online store and grab your Ballsy products!

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