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Lingerie will always be described as those precious undergarments or sleepwear, with a style that is fancier than everyday essentials. But, pearls and lingerie? What a great match-up.

When it comes to choosing lingerie, there is no one-size-fits-all. Much depends on one’s body type, comfort and personality.

Let’s consider how designers who add pearls to thongs and bralettes bring luxury to every woman’s wardrobe. Sometimes pearls and lingerie go together like bread and butter.

Model wearing pink pearl thongPearl thongs are In

The pearls in thongs are designed to lie against your clitoris. Your natural movement causes a subtle rubbing motion that hits the spot. Pearl thongs are magical and are excellent for creating discreet additional stimulation prior or during a wonderful evening on the town!

They are also suitable for other occasions.

Be it walking, shopping, or even sipping tea at a cafe, your natural motion will be so exciting. Try them! Pearl thongs might not work for everyone, especially when wearing them for non-sexy times. So, make sure you’re comfortable wearing them before you step out.

Dress Up Your Bralette with PearlsModel wearing Blue bralette

Bralettes blend a bra and a crop top.

They are softer and lighter than bras and usually do not have any wiring. Choose a bralette decorated with exotic lace and pearls, making them incredibly provocative. The pearls will shine through a sheer blouse and help you feel fantastic. If you do feel you need underwires for support, we can help.

Collection of six different coloured pearl thongsSee our Collection

Naughty Girl Essentials would love to help you find enticing yet comfortable lingerie.

We have a sublime collection of cutting-edge designs, including: MD Gloria Bra Thong Set, Queen of Pearls Bra, Lace Peek-a-Boo, Flirtatious Bralettes, MD Florence Bra and others.

Visit our store in Kelowna and stroll through the collection to learn what best works for you.

We will help you with fitting and advice.

Call us to see what’s in stock!

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