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How to Select the Perfect Men’s Boxers

By March 24, 2022No Comments

Ballsy Boxers style underwear for menFor men, boxers are the first thing that they slip into every day!

Pretty important to their comfort level all day, right?

Getting the right pair of underwear goes a long way to ensuring that your bed buddy will have a great day. And yet, boxers are probably the last item that they will research. They won’t think that it’s the layer that sits closest to their skin and needs to feel good.

But when shopping for them, you might!

A Brief History of Men’s Underwear

The first underwear dates back nearly 7000 years. At this time, prehistoric man used leather. Nothing changed for several millennia. Then, during the middle ages, codpieces became the rage. Loose-fitting trousers called braies became fashionable. These linen duds extended from the waist to the mid-calf.

The invention that we love today: Boxers

Before the 1940s, the term boxers would have gotten you blank looks. In 1934, an apparel designer called Arthur Kneibler received a postcard from the French Riviera showing a man in a bikini style swimsuit. This simple postcard inspired the creation of the tight-fitting Jockey® brief.

It was not until after World War II that boxers took off.

These featured an elastic waistband that took inspiration from our boxing legends. They offered a different take on masculinity as  they were not as tight and confining as the alternative underwear briefs.

Today, there is a huge variety of hybrids in the mix. From G-strings to banana slings, to tighter boxers printed with outdoor sports scenes, the choices are many.

What to look for when choosing Boxers

Maximum breathability

Boxers work well both for those wearing suits, or men who wear slim jeans, sweatpants, or shorts. The looser more traditional boxer is less revealing than other styles. In all cases, to ensure most breathability, you should opt for natural fibres such as cotton or bamboo and moisture-wicking properties. What these do is that they help absorb discharge and naturally air out the undercarriage.


Traditionally, boxers were baggy cut and bunched and elasticated at the waist. Today, designers offer shorter and slimmer-cut options that fit snugly. These work well for men regardless of their size in the thighs.

Anytime Wear

Looser boxers are excellent for sleepwear. If you are seeking a night of sound and comfortable sleep, go for 100 per cent cotton. The crux of the matter is that the waistband should be trim and tailored. But boxers are daytime wear too, and even for workouts. These are moisture-wicking and ensure that sweat does not irritate your genitals.

At Naughty Girl, We Sell Boxers

Naughty Girl Essentials can provide you with advice when shopping for your man.

Explore our Muchachomalo collection of boxers.

A Spanish buzzword for a bad boy, the Muchachomalo is authentic and is inspired by the Spanish ‘Estilo de Vida’ (carpe diem).

With this, your love can walk the line between being naughty and playful.

Go for the Fruity (cool design) or Fern (solid colour) design. Also, take a look at the Muchachomalo moustaches and Muchachomalo tomato feast designs.

For coffee lovers, we offer the Muchachomalo coffee mug style.

At Naughty Girl, you are truly spoilt for choice!

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