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Model wearing black glamorous see-through robeLet’s be honest – this might not be something everyone talks about!

The ultimate truth is every human feels lust, but you can’t always turn it on and off like a light switch. With our hectic lives, it might take time to set the mood and get things going in the bedroom department. There is no one-size-fits-all plan, different couples rejoice in their intimacy in unique ways.

Here are some ideas to change things up!

1. Put on the lotionModel wearing white lace garter belt and lace stockings

Using body lotion or personal lubricant is an excellent way to get in the mood. Slip out of your shower, and ask your beau to rub some lotion on your lower body – legs and butt cheeks are great spots – while you focus on your own upper body. The feelings will turn up the temperature for both of you.

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2. The warm water bath

The classic move we see in movies is no fiction. This one works. Fill your tub with warm and bubbly water. Light up a few scented (ideally lavender or musk) candles for an ambient vibe. End your day (but not your night) with a joint bath – calming and rejuvenating.

Plus size model wearing fishnet bodysuit3. Put on Something Sexy

Ditch that loose-fitting and comfy outfit you’re in all day, and slip into something sexy. Wear something that brings out those curves and highlights your ass-ets. Elevate your hotness meter with light makeup.

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You can also try a different hairstyle to get your man to notice you; the more radical your transformation, the better.

A bedroom success formula that never fails – sexy lingerie, hosiery or panties. This turns up the heat and makes clear your intent without having to use words.

4. Go for a Staycation

Can’t travel? Finding a new location at home can change chemistry and the vibe altogether. Or consider spending a night at a nearby hotel with breakfast in bed. You can add spice to your one (hotel)-night-stand by experimenting with your new sexy lingerie.

5. Play His MasseusePlus Size model wearing Mesh Hollow out Backless Mini Chemise Dress

Another trick that starts an intimate night is to play masseuse. Put on some sexy lingerie and turn your bedroom into a private spa.

All you have to do is dim the lights, perfume yourself in the right places, and add romantic tunes. Rub some warm oil all over his body for a

soothing massage. You will be sexually devoured towards the end. It is a memory that will last!

The Right Clothes for Any Mood

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