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Model wearing Faux Leather shorts and top.When it comes to excitement in the boudoir, leather has a lot to offer, so does faux leather.

Changes in manufacturing have made this material easier to wear – or put on as an accessory. What’s more – leather collar and cuffs add class to your personal preferences.

All in all, leather makes for an excellent entry point into the world of exploratory fashion.

The Appeal of Leather

Leather has a buttery touch.

Detailed and hand-stitched, leather also provides a soft flexibility and comfort. Most importantly, leather offers a feeling of power! This is a crucial confidence booster that makes leather a universal go-to for people who love alternative lifestyles in the boudoir.

The Cult of the Alternative Lifestyle

Leather has long had an association with those daring folks living alternative lifestyles in bed.

This material has grown to become a symbol for different styles of sex. So, what is it about leather that Alternative Lifestylers find fascinating? It is the perfect material for making durable clothing and other objects used in sex.

It is versatile. The look and feel can be empowering.

If you want your beloved to dominate you in bed, then leather is a perfect choice. You may be in for an exciting night. With boots and harness, your dominator shall transform into a completely different being. It does not end here! You can further spice up the ride with ball gags and leather restraints.

Filling up the Wardrobe of an Alternative LifeStyler

Faux Leather Skinny Short

Casual yet commanding, visit Naughty Girl Essentials to try our Faux Leather Skinny Short – an ideal way to unravelling your alternative lifestyle side. It has a side buckle that adds to the boldness and confidence of your ensemble. It is a tight fit and perfectly blends with your curves.

Top Drawer Faux Leather Neon Lace

This underbust corset is crafted using high-end faux leather. What makes it a standout kink-worthy outfit is the lace-up accents around the corset. Next up is its fit: it offers nickel brass grommets with thick cording at the back for cinching. In addition, it has eight spiral steel reinforcements.

Marlies Dekkers Pallas Athena

Layered with black-and-gold faux leather onto a powdery pink lace, Marlies Dekkers Pallas Athena is a truly mesmerizing piece. Wear this, and your beloved will not be able to take his eyes off that spectacular cleavage. What makes it dazzling are the small cushions and closely fitted wires.

Adding to your excitable and alternative lifestyle night are glamourous straps and metallic ornaments. This item has perfectly padded cups for support.

Come and See What’s New

Visit our Kelowna showroom, or shop online for Naughty Girl Essentials’ extensive range of exploratory and experimental clothing.

Stroll through the collection and ask us for suggestions!

Our cashback loyalty program serves as an impetus for your next shopping spree.

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