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Woman model in jeans wearing a black bralette

The battle of bras versus bralettes in the lingerie section is a never-ending one.

Is there a difference?

Bralettes are a blend between a bra (which offers support) and a crop top. These tend to be softer and less structured than bras and usually come without underwires.

Bralette on female model wearing jeans

Often crafted with exotic lace, bralettes are incredibly stylish too. Essentially, they consist of a longline design extending towards the upper waistline. These days bralettes have evolved to come in both wired (with an underwire) and non-wired models.

Getting to the bottom of the bra versus bralette debate

As it is said, ‘there is a time and place for everything.’ Bralettes can be perfect when less support is needed (i.e. in the summer, or for evening wear).

To wire or not to wire?

Well, the decision is yours. Wired will provide support to this important piece of lingerie. Both will be comfortable.

Black lace bra on model

Body Structure

Your body structure may be another defining factor. Experts recommend that women with larger breasts go for bras with underwires. The reason is that they provide more lift, and support and shape to the breasts. Also, underwire bras can help relieve stress on your back and shoulders.

Bralettes are best suited for women with smaller breasts. The reason is that they require less support for a comfy feel and also work to provide a perky visual. If you usually go braless, but at times are looking for a bit of support, bralettes might be for you.

Place and Purpose

Bralettes are excellent for outdoor activities or during light exercise. The underwired models will give you the breast support you need. Wireless bralettes are also ideal when sleeping as they do not restrict blood circulation and help prevent skin irritation.

Look for wireless bras and bralettes that have a comfortable band and supple, stretchy fabric for maximum comfort, and your breasts will be in a good place.

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