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Floral Embroidered Bralette set

Boudoir photography, which originated for engaged couples, has moved into the mainstream.

It’s not just celebrities any more! It’s empowering and a lot of fun and a great way to add spice to a relationship.

Front and centre are the gorgeous undergarments one can buy today.

Search the web and you will find many local photographers available to work with you to take the photos in your own safe environment, or come into the shop.

We have our own Boudoir Photography studio and all the lingerie you can imagine to model.

So, you can now be you, unapologetically! Mind you, this takes some courage.

Go with the flow and be free from your inhibitions. Here’s why.

Boudoir Photography

What can you stand to gain?

1. Pose perfect, for one

Ask yourself, why pose?

You’ve found the perfect outfit at our boutique that is just begging for a stylish presentation.

You also may want to bring out your hidden boldness and beauty in an unforgettable experience. Like the OOTD (outfit-of-the-day) of the fashionistas featured on Instagram, boudoir photography can give you a POTD (pose of the day).

The beautiful you is now out in front!

2. Kudos from your better half

While the boudoir photoshoot is fun and exciting, giving the pictures to your beau goes beyond. It may spark a conversation about what he sees in every picture.

Be assured that it will leave him speechless! It is a way of celebrating your beauty and self-confidence with him.

It allows him to see how you feel about yourself for doing this.

Sharing this excitement will ignite the spark once again!

3. Getting to know oneself better

Many may be feeling skeptical and shy when opening up your intimate self.

This boudoir photography photo shoot, allows you the opportunity to learn more about yourself.

It’s not only your inherent aesthetic, but also your pose and expressions that contribute to the final result.

So, dive right in!

Model wearing flowered thong while holding a pink roseWhat should you wear?

Netting see-through gives a little peek-a-boo of what lies underneath. Go for the sultry black!

With an embroidered finish, it offers interminable charm.

For those seeking a more casual and comfortable boudoir photography session, luxe lace is ideal. It is stylish and supportive and shows off your curves in the best light.

Corsets give you ample room to mix and match to suit your unique style.

The corset bra is trending!

Combine the corset with a lacy thong, and what you will get is panache in all its glory.

The balconette offers a half cup bra that is erotic and uplifting

Boudoir Photography – Our Shop and Pose Service

Very soon, you will get to combine your chosen lingerie from our shop, with a perfect pose of the day. It is our way of leaving you a lasting memory before you head for that exit door.

With the Naughty Girl Essential Boutiques’ shop and pose, you get to see first-hand, the power of sexy lingerie.

Call to schedule your appointment!

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