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While the boudoir might be a cosy place for sleeping, it goes much beyond that.

Boudoirs are also about intimacy and excitement.

Create a space for yourself and your partner that brings out your boldness and beauty and create unforgettable experiences, and, to remember these unique moments, be sure to take a photo!

Here are some poses to encourage your creativity and spice up your bedtime shenanigans:

Model wearing black lacy bodystockingPose # 1: Casual Diva

This pose perfectly strikes a chord by showing off your confidence and allure. Try to relax – your facial expressions play a huge role in this one. This pose entails you curling up on a chair, couch or bed. It involves bringing one knee up and over the other leg, and use the lines of your legs and/or elbows for framing the face.


Pose # 2: Silhouette:Model wearing black lacy bodystocking

This pose focuses on the curves of your body. And it does not show everything. This is also the core concept of seduction, no? The pose entails arching your back and getting long through the spine – it is known as Contrapposto. As the name suggests, it speaks of contrast. In a dark room, have light behind you. Twist your shoulders in a different direction than your hips. The end result is a captivating visual.

Topless model wearing fuchsia satin ruffle pantiesPose # 3: The Bather:

The term is a sort of giveaway! The pose gives the illusion of you being partially clothed but naked underneath, and that’s the best part. The aim of the photo is that to create the idea that you just stepped out of your bath or woke up. To nail this one, get a forward rotation in your shoulders and hug the towel against your body. The photo can be shot from the front, back or even the side.


Pose # 4: Neck Rub:

Yet another way to excite your partner and get him wild is the neck rub pose. Showcase the best of your shoulder blades and neck with this one. It entails you laying on your stomach and arching your back towards the camera. If you want to go one step further, drop your head and push up your hips. You can include more of the body and the buttocks if you wish in the photo..

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