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Lingerie Shopping: 3 Common Myths Busted Once and for All

By June 2, 2021No Comments
[slide-anything id=’2131′] How often have you discovered a movie or TV series trailer to be captivating and the actual film to be disappointing? When shopping for lingerie, sometimes all that glitters is not gold! We offer some tips so that you will be happy with your lingerie investment.

Things You Should Look For


Expectation # 1: If it feels good on the outside, it must be comfortable on the inside.

Reality # 1: Not all fabric is comfortable to wear.
When scouting for lingerie, breathability is essential. Quality, breathable fabrics allow perspiration to escape. Synthetic fabrics are the way to go – lingerie should be made to be moisture-wicking, comfortable on hot evenings, and to keep you dry in areas prone to bacterial infections. Synthetics are also stretchy, lightweight, flexible, and quick-drying. Paying a bit more will ensure your gorgeous lingerie will be comfortable and long-lasting.

Aesthetic Appeal

Expectation # 2: If it looks good, it will be both fashionable and stand the test of time.

Reality # 2: Looks aren’t everything.
Comfort is important, but what about the sex appeal and coordinating with the outfit on top? We want you to wear your lingerie with confidence for a long time. These pieces can be uplifting in more than one way! Look for how the product is constructed. At Naughty Girl Essentials Lingerie in Kelowna we pride ourselves on only selling quality clothing that lasts.

A Fitting Piece

Expectation # 3: Sizing labels will have the same fit across brands and countries.

Reality # 3: A 38C bought in the US differs from a 38C purchased in the UK.
We know a lot goes into finding that piece of lingerie that fits perfectly and offers stellar comfort. Be it a bra or a panty, or any other item, lingerie sizes may vary. What works for you depends on your body shape and personal preference. Different brands have different sizing criteria, so ask the sales staff for their advice.

Let’s Talk the Talk

Naughty Girl Essentials Lingerie invites you to come in and see all that we offer for stimulating and comfortable lingerie.
Come into our store to browse, and learn from our staff what works for you. We offer a sublime collection of cutting-edge designs such as Flirtatious Bralettes, Lace Peek-a-Boo, Corset Panties, and the Emerald Twilight Bustier.

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