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Pastease Purple Glitter Heart & Mermaid Scales

C$13.95 C$9.99

Sexy Fun Freedom™  

Hand-made into every Pastease product!  

Pastease breast pasties have been contributing to the positive body image of hundreds of thousands of women all around the world since 2002. Pastease is the Funmaker™ that brings out your inner Tease.

Pastease are for smiles. Pastease are for function.

In the spirit of Sexy Fun Freedom, Stephanie Pastease publishes a regular YouTube video series called 'Sexy Fun 101' where she shares an ongoing stream of tips, tricks, ideas and techniques for sexy fun whether you happen to be all by yourself or with someone else!  Also, subscribe to the Pastease Press down to the left to stay abreast of brand news, new products, events and regular special offers.